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Workshop Internazionale 2018 - Metodo Feuerstein

The Method
The Feuerstein Method includes the foundational theory of Mediated Learning Experience and two applied systems: the Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) and Instrumental Enrichment (IE). The goal of the LPAD is to identify the examinee's learning potential - to literally decipher which cognitive functions need to be developed in order to tap into and maximize their latent learning potential. 
The Instrumental Enrichment cognitive intervention program is comprised of a series of 14 instruments (IE Standard) or 11 instruments (IE Basic, for children age 8 and younger). They are a collection of non-curricular tasks taught by the teacher in classroom, or individually in after-school enrichment settings. Each instrument teaches the user a vital cognitive strategy; to gather and apply information, to strategize, to problem solve - to learn. 
The Workshops 
The International Summer Workshop is the pinnacle event in the Feuerstein-Bassou International Training Academy calendar. During this two week training event, courses are offered in all aspects of Feuerstein trainings - Instrumental Enrichment (IE & IE Basic), the Learning Propensity Assessment Device (Individual, Digital-Group, and Basic), and the Tactile IE program for ADD/ADHD and visually impaired learners. NEW! For our ruby anniversary, we present a new course: Feuerstein for  Mathematical Cognition (primary school level). 
The Courses

 The following courses will be offered at Shoresh 2018. Please visit our website to learn more about the individual courses including prerequisites. 

The Venue

The Ruby Shoresh Workshops will be held at the Hotel Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. More information will follow in later communiques.

For more information about Shoresh International Summer Workshops, please visit our website, or contact the International Coordinator at:
(e) or (p) +972.2.569-3315

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