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ICELP Gerusalemme

Parigi, 33° workshop internazionale - Offerta formativa 2012-  

July 8-19
  • Learning Potential Assessment Device (LPAD):
Level 1 (€1,400); Level 2; LPAD-B (young children) (€1,500) 

July 8-19
  •  Instrumental Enrichment (IE):
Level I; Level 2; IE Trainers-1; IE Trainers-2 (€1,300)
  • Instrumental Enrichment Basic (IE-Basic):
IE-Basic I (young children); IE-Basic Trainers (€1,300)

July 8-13
  • Instrumental Enrichment Basic (IE-Basic):
IE-Basic 2 (young children) (€750)
  • Renewal seminar for IE Trainers (€550)
July 15-19
  • ADD-ADHD treatment via Tactile IE (€750)
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Parigi, 33th Workshop Internazionale: primo annuncio

33rd International Summer Institute
Headed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein
July 8-19, 2012 *** Paris, France
The Feuerstein International Summer Institute introduces educators, psychologists and other specialists to the theory and hands-on practice of Structural Cognitive Modifiability and Mediated Learning Experience, as well as the use of dynamic assessment (assessing a child’s ultimate potential rather than his/her mere current ability) and Instrumental Enrichment intervention. Practitioners will study with the world’s leading specialists of the Feuerstein method. They will leave the workshops with concrete knowledge of these methods and the ability to use them with assurance to help their students or clients. They will benefit from the experience acquired through decades of clinical work and educational observation that has shown us the exact nature and quality of the interaction between the child and the practitioner that brings about the most meaningful change.
The Feuerstein International Summer Institute has been providing exceptional training for over a quarter of a century. The Summer Institute of 2012 will enable you to follow in the footsteps of practitioners from dozens of countries who are now seeing transformative changes in the children they help.

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